Chamomile: Tranquil effects, with an action similar to drugs, i.e. Halcion, Valium. Reduces the effect of  stress induced chemicals in the brain, while promoting healthy adrenaline hormones. Relieves pain and spasms. This herbs aids in digestion, cramping and back pain. Promotes restful sleep.

Lemon Balm: A gentle, safe and calming herb for children for depression and anxiety. This relaxes the nervous system; eases agitation while soothing digestion.

Skullcap: Helps anxiety, restlessness, crying spells, irritability and nervousness. This is a helpful day time sedative, with no mental impairments or drowsiness. The nervine action relieves frequent headaches, relaxes muscular spasms.

Valerian Root: Relaxing and sedating, reduces restlessness, nervousness, improves sleep; should be taken for 2-3 weeks to improve mood and sleep. Use of this herb will show improvements in learning skills and less aggressive behavior.

Passionflower: Sedative herb that relieves anxiety, tension, spasm, pain and neuralgia. This herb promotes restful, refreshed sleep, induces relaxation, mild euphoria. This gentle action is suitable for nervousness in children and the elderly.

Many of the herbs that help anxiety work on the same brain receptor sites as drugs like Valium and Xanax. Herbs tend to be more gentle, safer and non-addictive. They also have relaxant properties but also nourish and strengthen the nervous system.