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Octeavia’s is the only tea product that will meet with you one-on-one, understand the specifics of what you need and deliver to you fresh, pure natural products that will give you the balance you need and deserve.

The Passion

We believe in the health and healing benefits that comes from using herbal tea. We believe these truths to universal. The ingredients of these recipes are custom designed to provide the consumer with refined health and beauty products with a tremendous medicinal value. We custom design them to provide you with a health and wellness product uniquely designed for your health needs or to eliminate many forms of dis-ease. Our focus is to bring you a diverse selection of herbal tea leaves, flowers, roots and seeds. Additional services provided: "Henna for Healing" "Face and Body Painting" "Tea & Paint" "3-Day Detox and Weight-Loss" program

The Practioner

We currently study and practice using herbs, roots, flowers and leaves as a way to eliminate many forms of dis-ease. We have shared many herbal remedies in the forms of concoctions, decoctions, tinctures, infusions, pastes, balms and oils with my friends, family and co-workers. More recently we have added new products like soaps, soaks and wellness remedies. We have had a very positive response. We have given people alternative perspectives about Health and Wellness. The plant aspect of health and wellness is some thing that we believe in and something that we stand over. Our customers get a chance to self heal, nourish and cleanse their bodies and minds. The Octeavia Stewart's team is driven to provide products that enhance your wellness experience.

The Promise

We promise to provide you with a top quality product that is created to promote wholeness and wellness. All products and practices have been tested before being shared with our customers. We promote product transparency by using natural ingredients. We promise that nature will deliver.

Active BALANCING Services

Wellness Concierge~Instructed Paint Parties~Henna for Healing~O's Body Art~Internal Cleanse Program




Chakra Balancing Consultation

Chakra Balance Consultation: This is a conversation about how your can manage balance by using the Chakra balances/unbalance as a guide.


Aloe Vera Face Wash

[wpforms id="14978" title="true"]Aloe Vera Face Wash:

Ingredients: Fresh cut Aloe Gel 100% Pure, Vitamin E Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Storage: This Face Wash MUST be stored in the fridge. (This item ripens, so must be kept refrigerated)

Usage: Pour into your hand an amount the size of a Quarter. Rub the fresh gel all over your face (please avoid eye area) Let dry, wipe off with a warm wet cloth…then apply a light moisturiser.

Use Daily and see the Results!


1:1 Wellness Consultation

1:1 Consultation (90 minutes)

Complete consult including:

1 Custom Tea

1 Custom Topical

1 Custom Soap

1 Custom Tone and Free LOCAL, CONTACTLESS DELIVERY!! and 1 FREE Follow-up for 20-25 minutes.


Throat Chakra Oil

The throat chakra oil gives way to verbal expression with the romantic scent of rose, jasmine and ylang ylang.

Use: increase self-expression, helpfulness, sound advice, self assurance.


ThirdEye Chakra Oil

The third-eye chakra tea sharpens your intuition with the spicy scent of Eyebright, lavender and star anise and other essential herbs, leaving a clean freshness.

Use: Absorb universal knowledge, embrace that you are the creator of your own reality, increase consciousness.


Crown Chakra Oil

The Crown Chakra Oil gives clarity of mind with the crisp scent of Passion flower, chickweed, jasmine and other essential herbs and oils.

Use: Increase Intuitive power, wisdom, spirituality, care for the well-being of others seeing them as a part of you.

Our Team

Brand'i O. Stewart, Wellness Concierge
Brand'i O. Stewart
Brand'i O. Stewart
Founder & CEO

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