THE Core to ease Diet

The Core to ease Diet

The “Solar Plexus” —place of gems or shining like a pearl this is a reference to the Sun, the sun in your body.

The Solar Plexus  or the “Core” draws  in the sun’s radiance as a type of prana  and transduces it into a form that enables the flow of vital energies through out the physical body to  be regulated. The Solar Plexus is a gathering point for subtle energy, the nadis, which controls bodily functions, as well as being a physical nerve central. through control of the Core full knowledge and mastery are achieved.
The ten petals are:
~spiritual ignorance
 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~all these are aspects to overcome at this chakra level before proceeding to work on purifying the Heart Chakra.
Keep in mind that the three major chakras below the heart are principally concerned with physical body and the world we perceive with our senses, those above the heart are of a more spiritual nature.
The condition of “Dietary” may manifest as dis-ease in these areas:
Digestive problems or uneasy stomach, diabetes and cancer are associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, most of all associated stress. Remember that this “nerve central”. If you are feeling discomfort in this area, there is unbalance.
Digestive problems can lead to arthritis inflammation.
Anemia can be perpetuated if your diet is lacking rich and dark leafy greens, nuts and seeds, seafood, meat and beans.
Balance of the Core Chakra will ease these states of consciousness.

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