The Throat Chakra is also called Vishuddha means “to purify’. in Tantric Yoga, this chakra has 16 smoke-colored petals, each linked with one of the Sanskrit vowels, a mantra or musical tone. The central chakra region is white, transparent, smoke or sky-blue in color, although modern interpretation of the Throat Chakra usually show the 16 petals in turquoise.
The Vishuddha is regarded as an important bridge from the heart, in raising of consciousness through the sequential activation of the chakras from the base to the crown of the head. This chakra is a bridge, because it takes us from one side of the river of life—our body—to the other side, into the spiritual realms.
It is from this place we can speak or sing our love: for our partners, our world, our deities and ancestors, gods and goddess. Conversely, we can use our voice to hurt or slander, speaking bitter words that destroy and turn the energies of this chakra inward.
The Vishuddha will not continue to receive sustenance from the sacred ether unless we can speak and sing good words.
Unbalance in the Vishuddha manifest as ear, nose, throat and respiratory problems in the body. So if there is a discomfort or disease in these areas. The Throat chakra would be the one to give healing attention to. As this chakra comes into balance, we learn to feel truly that we are “in our body” and can express the creative and life affirming aspects of ourselves.

The Throat Chakra can help us to be powerful beyond words—an aspect shown by its traditional symbolic animal, an elephant.

A deficiency of energy at this chakra (hypo) can make us feel afraid, timid, manipulative and afraid of sex. An excess of energy (hypo) is an over-stimulation that brings a dogmatic nature, arrogance or self righteousness, or make us excessive talkers. 

A simple way to clear the Throat Chakra is to tap it three times with your fingertips. Remember to do this anytime you have difficulty expressing yourself. 
Prana—The Breath of Life 
Respiratory problems arise because of a disassociation with the energy of the ether (akasha), a specialized type of prana that passes through this chakra and is drawn into our bodies with every breath.
The condition of “Inflammation” may manifest as dis-ease in these areas:
sore throat
ear ache
sinus infection
sore shoulders, arms and neck
Balance of the Throat Chakra will ease these states of consciousness.