Infused Oil

Oil Liquid – Herbal Tea oil is infused into oil. The oil is heated by the sun. The Oil is mixed with the essential oil that exists in the flower, leaves, seeds, roots and stems. “plant  parts”.

The oil and herb infusion can be used for treatment on hair, nails, skin and in massage therapy.

These infusions are made from fresh then dried plant parts by combining the plant parts together in a glass flask for a select amount of time. Shelf life:150 days.

Clary Sage Blossom Oil

Amenorrhea is an abnormal absence of menstruation

Anxiety a feeling of worry, nervousness or un-ease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

Aphrodisiac an edible that stimulates sexual desire, a thing that causes excitement.

Aromatherapy ~ Dysmenorrheal ~ Female Hormones ~ Menopause ~ Anticancer ~ Menopause ~ Anticancer ~ Antioxidant ~ Anti-spasmatic ~ Aperient ~ Digestive Hypertension ~ Nervine ~ Sedative ~ Stomatic ~ Uterine ~ Tonic

Mexican Tarragon Oil
Friendly to head, heart and liver
Uses: Antioxidant, Tooth Remedy, Appetite Stimulant, Digestive Aid, Sedative, Heart Health, Female Health, Eye Function, Building Muscle Mass/Weight Control

 This can be applied topically. Completely safe.