The Root Chakra is a four petaled lotus these petals each corresponding with the psychological states of greatest joy, natural pleasure, delight in controlling passions and blissfulness in concentration, leading to meditation.
In terms of energetics, this chakra channels Earths energy upward through the feet and legs to process and stabilize it. It then moves the energy on, up the spine, now transmuted into a form that the body recognizes as signals, to balance the endocrine system (the gonads: the ovaries and the testes) through the release of hormones. When we do not get the full flow of this Earth energy, imbalances in our physical body results.
“Grounding” or “rooting” us is the main function of Muladhara. When we are grounded we are at one with life and Muladhara functions as intended. We enter into a sympathetic vibration with the electromagnetic frequency of the Earth, coming in tune with the beat of “her” heart.
The Root Chakra is also closely associated with returning karma~~the sum of our experiences from previous existences. This is sometimes referred to as “good” and “bad” karma, but all karma is there for us to learn from, and we are fortunate if we believe that we get more the one chance at life.
The first and second chakras also act as the energetic recycling bin of the auric field. They change negative emotional energies into power and light and return to the Earth any “toxic waste” that the other chakras cannot deal with, thus keeping the rainbow purity of the aura. If our Muladhara disassociated from the Earth, we cannot expel these waste emotions.
Muladhara  means “the support of the root”, “the keeper of the beginning” or the bearer of the foundation”.
First chakra needs are instinctual: We need food and shelter. The compulsion the overeat or hoard material items and money is a negative expression of our instinct for survival. If we can never get enough food, money goods and sex to satisfy us, then the Root Chakra is dysfunction and we are seriously disconnected from the Earth. But the Chakras are our teachers and can lead us gently into higher states of realization.
The primal power of the kundalini is coiled there like a snake, ready to awaken us to our true spiritual selves. This is one of the goals of Tantric yoga.
The balanced attributes of the Muladhara give us remarkable abilities to survive under extreme conditions. They also urge us to procreate and express love to our partners and children, spurred on by the feminine urge of the primal kundalini serpent, the Earth Mother energy lying dormant within us.
The Root chakra is connected with the minor chakras on the feet, ankles, knees and groin that support upward flow of energy from the Earth. When we deny our connection to the Earth wisdom, our bodies react and disorders manifest affecting the sacrum, spine, excretion and sexual organs.
 If this chakra is unbalanced, you will not have a fulfilling sex life. Conversely those who try to suppress sexual urges my have  hidden fears and end up with dis-ease associated with imbalances in their approach to sexuality.

The condition of “Immunity” may manifest as dis-ease in these areas:




low stamina


rapid weight loss/gain

erratic sex drive loss/gain

poor immune system


Balance of the Root Chakra will ease these states of consciousness.