The “Third-Eye” —our eye of psychic vision. The “psyche’ is another name for the soul, the mind or the spirit.
At the time that we fully associate ourselves with the power contained within the Third Eye we are able to step beyond the mind, with all its desires and longings, and enter into the realms of knowledge and wisdom. However, if the chakra is not balanced, we will confuse information with knowledge, or get carried away with our own powers of insight and use them for our own means or spiritual arrogance.
The condition of “Anxiety” may manifest as dis-ease in these areas:
addiction – one may overuse a stimulant while needing to focus on issues in front of them. One may over stimulate negating sorting of thoughts and emotions
anxiety, depression and panic – are closely related and may perpetuate one another.
headaches/migraines – problems within the skull: eye and or ear problems (could result from prolonged computer screen exposure
insomnia – overthinking, not thinking clearly or having unrealistic thoughts containing negative outcomes
learning disabilities (short-term cognition)
Balance of the Third Eye Chakra will ease these states of consciousness
Meditation, Visualization and Quiet. Stillness and quieting the “Monkey Mind”. If you must look a computer screen for prolonged periods of time, use green light to relax the eyes. You can look at grass, vegetation outside to relax the eyes and refresh them.