Lemon Balm: A gentle, safe and calming herb for children for depression and anxiety. This relaxes the nervous system; eases agitation while soothing digestion.

Skullcap: Helps anxiety, restlessness, crying spells, irritability and nervousness. This is a helpful day time sedative, with no mental impairments or drowsiness. The nervine action relieves frequent headaches, relaxes muscular spasms.

Valerian Root: Relaxing and sedating, reduces restlessness, nervousness, improves sleep; should be taken for 2-3 weeks to improve mood and sleep. Use of this herb will show improvements in learning skills and less aggressive behavior.

Lavender: Relaxes the entire nervous system, lifting depression and moodiness. This herb soothes and calms sleeplessness, irritability and tension headache. It also soothe digestion and relieves gas, bloating and cramping of a nervous origin.

Rosemary: This herb is used in mild and moderate depression, faintness and weakness. This herb helps vague feelings of poor health, undue fatigue and exhaustion. This will assist in the recovery of long-term stress or illness, nourishes adrenals.

Herbal medicines have tranquilizing and mood elevating effects, like their drug counterparts. These herbs provide and gentler approach, without deadening of emotion. They can address many underlying causes of depression. Nervine is the term given to plants that tonify, nourish, strengthen and detoxify the nervous system. These herbs protect the brain against toxins and free radical damage. These herbs could improve and optimize.