Catnip: Relieves anxiety, restlessness, tension, stress and hyperactivity. This is a mild relaxant that promotes restful sleep. It also helps ease diarrhea, headache, colic or stomach ache due to stress. This herb will help manage mood swings or hysteria.

Lemon Balm: A gentle, safe and calming herb for children for depression and anxiety. This relaxes the nervous system; eases agitation while soothing digestion.

Skullcap: Helps anxiety, restlessness, crying spells, irritability and nervousness. This is a helpful day time sedative, with no mental impairments or drowsiness. The nervine action relieves frequent headaches, relaxes muscular spasms.

Valerian Root: Relaxing and sedating, reduces restlessness, nervousness, improves sleep; should be taken for 2-3 weeks to improve mood and sleep. Use of this herb will show improvements in learning skills and less aggressive behavior.


Herbs have a short-term gain for relaxing and calming, while improving brain function and neurotransmitter production. In the long run, nervine and adaptogenic plants can protect, detoxify and heal the nervous system—-without the toxicity or side-effects of drugs.