Calendula: Soothing external cream and internal treatment; promotes healing, calms itching. Non-suppressive relief for eczema, psoriasis, rashes. This herb has antiseptic properties for ringworm, diaper rash and cradle cap. This herbs treats wounds, burns, bruises, moisturizes skin and prevents scarring.

Cayenne: Improves elasticity of the blood vessels regulating blood pressure. Stimulates blood flow and lowers cholesterol; may aid arteriosclerosis. Reduces risk of clotting, increases hearts output and strengthens vessels.

Chamomile: Tranquil effects, with an action similar to drugs, i.e. Halcion, Valium. Reduces the effect of  stress induced chemicals in the brain, while promoting healthy adrenaline hormones. Relieves pain and spasms. This herbs aids in digestion, cramping and back pain. Promotes restful sleep.

Licorice: Topical use or internal DGL form is soothing to skin and mucus membranes, possesses anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. This herb can be used topically as a demulcent for external itching and inflamed tissues and for herpes simplex and zoster.

Skin conditions are treatable and curable by herbal and nutritional therapy. Treatment must also be directed to underlying liver and immune imbalances and bowel toxicity. In psoriasis avoid alternatives like burdock, elecampane and echinacea.