Stomach Problems

Anise: Improves appetite and helps digestive function when taken after a meal. This herb can be used in dyspepsia, heartburn, indigestion, with spitting up of mucus. This herb relieves nausea, gas, infant colic, cramps and rumbling in abdomen.

Cayenne: Improves elasticity of the blood vessels regulating blood pressure. Stimulates blood flow and lowers cholesterol; may aid arteriosclerosis. Reduces risk of clotting, increases hearts output and strengthens vessels.

Chamomile: Tranquil effects, with an action similar to drugs, i.e. Halcion, Valium. Reduces the effect of  stress induced chemicals in the brain, while promoting healthy adrenaline hormones. Relieves pain and spasms. This herbs aids in digestion, cramping and back pain. Promotes restful sleep.

Ginger: Reduce cholesterol, low blood pressure, thins the blood. This herbs strengthens the heart, reduces inflammation tendency, thus protecting the arteries and the heart. The antiviral and antibacterial properties help improve circulation.

Goldenseal: Powerful antibiotic effects for prostatitis, acts on a wide range of bacteria. This soothes and heals the urinary tract. This helps shrink and swollen prostate. Goldenseal tonifies the prostate lining, strengthens against invading organisms.

Licorice: Topical use or internal DGL form is soothing to skin and mucus membranes, possesses anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. This herb can be used topically as a demulcent for external itching and inflamed tissues and for herpes simplex and zoster.

Peppermint: Contains volatile oils like menthol, relieves indigestion, gastritis and stomach ulcers. This herb is antibacterial, neutralizes excessive acidity, relaxes spasms.

Herbal remedies for stomach problems, including ulcers are a combination of soothing demulcents, healers and anti-inflammatory medicines.Some are particulary effective at destroying harmful bacteria. Hiatus hernia, or spasmic reflux in the esophagus, may require a relaxing antispasmodic herbs. The most effective traditional herbal combinations for irritation and ulcers **** 240