Holy Basil: Adaptogen that lowers stress levels and helps the body respond appropriately, an overall tonifying and invigorating herb, increasing vitality. This herb protects the heart and lowers the blood pressure, decrease high blood sugar.

Licorice: Topical use or internal DGL form is soothing to skin and mucus membranes, possesses anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. This herb can be used topically as a demulcent for external itching and inflamed tissues and for herpes simplex and zoster.

Oats: Treats nervousness and mental exhaustion after illness, overwork or study, worry, anxiety, drug use, alcoholism, narcotics, effects sexual excess. This herb promotes mental clarity, focus, memory, concentration, attention span. This herb helps correct insomnia, relieves nervous tremors and palpulations.

Herbs that help with stress are tonic and adaptogenic, helping various systems and organs increase and decrease their activity as required. This class of herbs is well represented here. Each with their won way of fortifying the adrenal glands, brains and metabolism to overcome the accumulation of biological stress. Nervines also aid in this work of healing the damage done and establishing a strong basis for fending off further assaults. Most stress reducing herbs need to be taken for several months for optimal resistance building effects. Tonic herbs are best taken as a whole herb, rather than an isolated, standardized extract.