Urinary Tract


KIDNEY: The kidneys filter the blood continually, removing waste and debris. Each kidney is made up of some one million filtering units (nephrons). At the center of each unit there are capillaries and a surrounding capsule where fluids, minerals, glucose, amino acids and more are filtered out. In miles of tiny tubules, water, minerals and chemical compounds are absorbed back into the blood, according to the bodies needs.

URETERS: The ureters bring the filtered urine from the kidney to the bladder.

BLADDER: The bladder is a muscular holding tank that has strong lining cells and tough secretions to protect it from the acidic and toxic urine.

URETHRA: The urethra exits from the bladder to the outside of your body. In a man this is via the penis, while in women, the urethra has an opening separate from the vagina. Women are more prone to bladder and kidney infections than men.


BLADDER INFECTION: Herbal medicine is an effective, gentle and non-toxic treatment for cystitis, especially valuable in women and children.

KIDNEY CONDITIONS: Herbs are helpful for a wide rand of kidney problems, infections, immune attack, nephritis, kidney stones and arteriosclerosis. Regular of annual detoxification programs should include herbs that can cleanse and rejuvenate the kidney tissue.

Bladder Infection:

  • Corn Silk
  • Uva Ursi

Kidney Condition:

  • Dandelion