High Blood Pressure

Cayenne: Improves elasticity of the blood vessels regulating blood pressure. Stimulates blood flow and lowers cholesterol; may aid arteriosclerosis. Reduces risk of clotting, increases hearts output and strengthens vessels.

Curcumin (turmeric): Improves blood flow in the arteries, while strengthening blood vessels. This herb reduces bad cholesterol, platelet stickiness and blood clot formation. This prevents free radical damage in arteries, leading to arteriosclerosis.

Rosemary: Normalizes blood pressure. Protects blood vessels and is a warming circulatory stimulant. Promotes healthy heart, enhances the adrenal. This herb improves blood flow in the head, increases mental acutity, benefits mood.

Ginger: Anti pain and Inflammation, relieves nausea, improves circulation. Great for tension headache and migraine. This herb reduces pain-causing prostaglandins. This herb has the power to abort a migraine if taken at the onset. This can be used liberally in cooking and the fresh root can be juice daily to prevent headaches.

Valerian Root: Relaxing and sedating, reduces restlessness, nervousness, improves sleep; should be taken for 2-3 weeks to improve mood and sleep. Use of this herb will show improvements in learning skills and less aggressive behavior.

Diet, herbs and natural therapeutics have been shown to both prevent and reduce blood pressure significantly, aided by stress reducing methods like yoga or substitution, only under professional supervision. Some of the best anti-hypertensive herbs are antispasmodic and nervine, while others are cardiac tonics. Diuretics like chickweed, parsley and chickweed may also be useful, and liver herbs maybe needed to correct cholesterol metabolism. 


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