Root Chakra Oil


This product is blend herbs and essential oil infused in a type of Olive oil.



Use: balance of yourself and the universe, task oriented, going with the flow, increase currency.

The foundation of all other chakra, the lowest chakra. Also called the base center, root center and first chakra. Represented by a four petaled flower. The red color of the chakra represents life energy, passion, and strength. Also symbolized by the square. We are connected to the earth through this chakra.¬†Through the root chakra is how we are connected to the earth. This it’s own type of energy and no other chakra matches it energy. In this way the root chakra is considered the source of our life energy. Kundalini energy and creative power live in the root chakra. When the kundalini awakens it activates all of the chakras.

When this chakra is balanced people feel secure and protected. Rooted.

People with a strongly developed root chakra have great energy and a strong will to live. These people have a strong stamina and see things through until the end.

Blockages in the chakra can explain disturbances in one’s harmonious relationship with Mother Earth. The lack of energy is evident by lassitude, apathy and no trust in life. Specific exercises can be used to increase stability, confidence and serenity.




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