Octeavia’s Warm Soak


Enjoy the relaxing aroma of vanilla to warm your senses and melt your heart.

Let Rosemary boost your immune system and tone your skin.

Inhale Cinnamon while it reduces inflammation, detoxify skin  and enhance your minds cognition.

Cleansing salts


This product is made up of herbs, essential oils, Himalayan salt and other essential ingredients.

This should be steeped in to your bath; body, hand or foot.

Soak until you cool.

Emerge from the water, letting the warmth cover you while essential oils extract and soothe the skin.

1 review for Octeavia’s Warm Soak

  1. Brand’i Stewart

    Octeavia would recommend this for a woman that is beginning her menstrual cycle, not during her menstrual cycle. If she is having symptoms of irritation, use a teaspoon in the bath that is a quarter filled..

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