Organic Clary Sage (Eyebright)

It is native to the northern Mediterranean Basin, with some areas in North Africa and Central Asia.

This plant grows to the height of 3 feet tall and 1 foot wide. The flowers are lilac or pale blue, pink or white. The leaves are oval or heart-shaped covered with fine silver-like hairs.

Common use: Menstrual Discomfort, stress relief, balance hormones

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Uses: Urine tonic, menstrual cramps, anti-spasmodic, menopause, hot flushes, hormone re-balancer, during labor can relieve contractions, panic attacks, tension headaches, migraine, depression, aphrodisiac, stimulate sexual energy, sexual dysfunction, frigidity, wounds, gas, indigestion,

Side effects: Do not use during pregnancy, phyto-oestrogenic cancers, do not use after consumption of alcohol.

Interactions: Chloral Hydrate, Hexobarbitone


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