Passion Flower


Uses: Alcohol and drug detox, insomnia, herpes, anxiety

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ALCOHOL DETOX: Treats insomnia, delirium tremens or spasm related to withdrawal. Useful to induce restful sleep without producing hangover effects. The herb combines well with kava, skullcap and valerian root.

ANXIETY: Sedative herbs that soothes anxiety, tension, spasm, pains, neuralgia. Promotes restful and refreshed sleep, induces relaxation, mild euphoria. Gentle action, suitable for nervousness in children and the elderly.

DRUG DETOX: Relieves insomnia that is associated to drug withdrawal, without hangover effects.

HERPES:  A pain reliever and nervine that strengthen the nerves relieves anxiety. Effective for neuralgia after viral infections such as shingles or herpes. Used long term, may prevent attacks brought on by stress.

INSOMNIA: Insomnia from exhaustion, overworked, anxiety, stress, drugs, alcohol, athsma, teething, epilepsy, cough, pain, insomnia in infants or the aged. Tranquilizing relieves muscles, soothes the stomach, reduces anxiety. Acts as a mild MAO inhibitor, but no sedative hangover upon waking. Suitable for nervous children or people with heart disease or asthma.



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