Navel Chakra Oil


The Navel Chakra tea bath enlivens your emotions with the scent of sweet citrus and natural elements of Lemon Peel, Ginger Root, Chamomile, Cummin.


Use: Will power, Sensitivity, Power, Self Development, Control and Confidence.


The Navel Chakra

According to the traditional teaching, the navel chakra is rich in energy. Like a shining sun this chakra shines radiance through the entire body igniting it with prana, the universal life energy. The navel chakra is also called the solar plex or the third chakra. This chakra is shown as a flower with ten petals. This chakra is depicted in gold and yellow-gold colors. This symbolizes the fiery, vital energy that emanates from the center. The navel chakra provides the energy that is the foundation upon which rests a healthy personality. Strength of feelings arise from the navel chakra.

People with a well-developed navel chakra are sure of themselves and their abilities. The fire element of this chakra help maintain high energy levels and zest for life. This energy is indispensable for developing self-awareness, goal achieving, engaging in your surroundings. This is the bases for people with strong personalities. Spontaneity is a sign of an active navel chakra. They do not hold back emotionally. They enjoy merriment and laughter, but they may just as easily express their sorrow and let the tears flow. If you cross the line their anger will let you know you have gone too far.



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