Throat Chakra Tea


The throat chakra tea bath gives way to verbal expression with the romantic scent of rose, jasmine, goji berry, eucalyptus, eyebright, ylang-ylang essence

Use: increase self-expression, helpfulness, sound advice, self assurance.


The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra in Sanskrit is called pure. This is where consciousness of language and truth live. This chakras goal is to purify awareness and provide inner clarity. The chakra goes by other names, neck chakra or the communication chakra. This chakra is depicted as a flower with sixteen petals. It’s color is sky blue. The color is of the expansive space above we call heaven. The corresponding, element, ether, brings space an purity to mind. The symbol is a circle, which stands for the place of emptiness. One must penetrate the circle to acquire the deepest understanding. The chakra is active during the waning moon. According to the teachings this chakra is the center of sound. It is responsible for speech and communication. The conscious use of language, the desire to speak the truth in all circumstances, and the ability to express oneself are all dependent upon the energy that arises from the chakra.

People that have a well developed throat chakra are gifted with great verbal ability. They know how to use their voice to get their message across to others. They also have musical talent. This chakra represents the sense of hearing. This chakra has a great influence on our thought processes. What we say to other and what we say to ourselves controls our mind and our feelings about life.


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