Sacral Chakra Oil


The Sacral Oil enlivens your emotions with a Cinnamon, Red Rose, Orange Peel, Jasmine Flower, Sandalwood ess.

Use: increase precise self-expression, confidence, comfort with sexuality.


The Sacral Chakra

This chakra is the center of sexuality and sensuality. The sacral chakra or simply the second chakra. The depictions of the sacral chakra show a flower with six petals. It is also symbolized by animals living mostly in water. Water is a symbolic element of the second chakra. The liveliness of free-flowing water as well as it’s ability to purify and transform is an important aspect of the sacral chakra. Through the activation of this chakra, our feminine energy is awakened and is more open to the wisdom that resides in the unconscious mind.

The sacral chakra is the center of human sexuality and feminine energy. This serves for constant renewal, creativity and joy in living. This provides the foundation for new beginnings and the richness and fertility expressed and symbolized in the union of the sexes.

When one has a proper connection with this chakra it is possible for them to express one’s sexuality and sensuality and accept their body and physical being. This is important for erotic fulfillment and true partnership with another person


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