ThirdEye Chakra Tea


The third-eye chakra tea sharpens your intuition with the spicy scent of eyebright, lavender and star anise and other essential herbs, leaving a clean freshness.

Use: Balance


The ThirdEye Chakra

This chakra is the spiritual center of awareness and intuition. Higher knowledge can only come through stepping beyond the duality. There are two pathways of energy. These two currents of energy represents the moon and the sun, feminine and masculine and they meet in this chakra. Meditating on this can be free from dualistic thinking. This chakra is also called the forehead chakra or the center of wisdom or simply the sixth chakra. It is depicted as a flower with two petals facing each other which represents the harmony of the two poles, the yen and the yang. The third-eye chakra is depicted as a dark blue. In nature the third-eye is reflected as the night sky and the and the light of the stars. It is the strongest vibration during the phase of the waning moon.

The third-eye is the portal into the spiritual world. It provides the means of one establishing contact with one’s intuition and help us gain awareness of the higher realities and go beyond our limited consciousness. The search for self knowledge is closely bound up with the awakening of the third-eye.

People with a highly developed chakra have the enhanced powers of visualization. Imagination and fantasy life are sharpened. People with an under developed third-eye can experience serious spiritual affliction. Weakened concentration and attention deficit disorder indicate disturbances. Forgetfulness and spiritual confusion, superstition are also signs of disturbances. If the chakra is directed toward the ego end, it will result in selfishness, greed and a lust for power.


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