Heart Chakra Tea


The heart chakra tea gives way to an open heart with the sweet honey & clover scent hawthorn berry, clary sage, chamomile, tarragon and other essential herbs. Chamomile essential oil

Use: increase compassion, feel at ease with yourself, understanding, non-judgmental


The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra lives in the center of the chakra system. The heart chakra is linked to the power of love. This chakra helps shape one’s humanity and feelings for other people. The heart chakra tells us that we are free and protected from fault in our spiritual heart center. No matter what happens in our lives we will forever be able to return to the power of love and find comfort and strength. The chakra goes by other names, chest chakra or heart center. This chakra is represented by the color green, not red. The love of the spiritual heart is a type of awareness. This love is not based in passion or lust. This chakra serves as the foundation for selflessness and compassion. Which explains its color of green representing harmony and balance. The teachings concerning the heart chakra is that it is the center off universal, transpersonal love. True compassion.

People with a highly developed heart chakra go beyond selfishness. These people have a high level of tolerance for people, ideas and culture. This chakra also promotes a loving acceptance of oneself, even if they show weak points.

If one’s chakra is underdeveloped then one may become heartless, bitter and lonely. One may find it hard to maintain self and could possibly lose themselves in other people and their problems.


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