Healthy Self-Care Daily

We all experience daily stress. You all deserve some time to address this part of your life.  Finding the perfect time may be difficult. We understand. Octeavia’s provides a line of body soaps that will transform your shower experience into a body care Oasis.

Octeavia’s soap combines valuable herbs and essential oils in a soothing base of goat’s milk, shea butter, or honey.  Octeavia’s skin treatments are a great way to manage stress within your daily routine of simply cleansing your skin.  When this bar touches your skin the essential oils and herbal minerals are released into the air and onto your skin. 

Wow…. emerge from the shower feeling refreshed and revitalized. Follow up with Octeavia’s herbal infused oil made for hair, skin and nails…Or relax in one of Octeavia’s tea baths created or custom blends may Just for YOU! 

Call me 720-706-2244 to book a FREE consultation today. Here is a link to an article in Down to Earth Organic & Natural on how the skin absorbs.

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