Octeavia’s has something for who’s most Important…YOU!

Today it’s your call to START a detoxifying cleanse routine or enhance the one you are currently using with…

HERE at Octeavia’s we have created a system to do that very thing!!

These soap and teas are specially designed to cleanse the body through and through and give the BALANCE that you deserve!!

Here listed are the three main areas Octeavia’s will focus on in the SIP & SETTLE SETS for cleansing and detox.

Blood and Lymphatic Cleanse

Boost Immune Body

Reduce Heavy Metals

The body is adapting to the changes in temperature and environment. Our diets should reflect the season and ready us for increased physical activity as well as increased contact with others outside of our regular circle.

woman holding her headAllergies are a bother for lots of us. Me included! Many of us also have skin sensitivity to plants and insects.

So many of us are exposed to heavy metals in common and casual ways.

These sets are currently in the making!! Octeavia’s is devoted to bringing you fresh soap and extraordinary tea. Octeavia’s puts so much thought into the products that are created for YOU!

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