brighten your aura and the chakras….

Many people suffer from medically diagnosed heart disease, such as disturbances in hearts rhythm, muscular, valvular, and aortic disease and infections.
Heart disease is a major cause of death in countries with an affluent Western-type lifestyles.
Doctor are beginning to acknowledge that heart disease is not just a physical issue. High blood pressure could be an initial sign of underlying mental strain, often caused by bottled-up stress, anger and frustration. The health of the physical heart improves if we released past traumas and emotional pain and do not try to judge others. Sexual issues in particular need to be processed through the Base and Sacral Chakras. When they get mixed up with the heart center, which naturally gyrates toward unconditional love, great frustration occurs.
If we have our heart broken, and cannot make meaningful relationships with others or do not have friendships that last, we may begin to doubt ourselves. One may begin to question our ability to relate to others, and start to attract a dark cloud of doubt and confusion into our auric field. This state can create un-balance preventing us from self appreciation.and appreciation of others. We must deal with this or may begin to hold in our emotional pain. Then our whole chakra system starts to close in on itself and is no longer able to “feed’ the physical body effectively. There is no input of love, and no output of love is dying in your physical body.
We MUST live and love.
As individuals we can take the following steps we will begin walking a path of increased awareness of our aura and our chakras and will nourish our mental health and many other parts of ourselves:
Start to practice some techniques that will increase your energy levels and self-esteem. Many teachers have said, “If you cannot love yourself then you cannot love others.”  

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