Combat Infection Now!

Echinacea: This herbs stops viral and bacterial infection, colds, bronchitis, sinusitis, strep throat, abnormal pap smears. It can be applied externally for wounds, stings, boils. This herb intensify immunity, interferon production, T cell, macrophages.

Garlic: Effective against at least 30 types of bacteria, viruses, fungi,amoeba and parasites. This herb can be used for intestinal and respiratory infection, otitis. It activates immune system, stimulates it to attack invading organisms.

Lemon Grass: Antibiotic for flu, colds, fevers and pain, colic, gas, stomach problems. The essential oil of this herb is anti-fungal and antibacterial, used locally on ring worm.

Oregano Oil: Volatile oil exists via the lungs, loosens phlegm, kills most organisms. Effective for intestinal infection, parasite, worms. This herb has an antispasmodic effect. It is also an expectorant and antibiotic for colds, flu, coughs and chest congestion.

Osha: Antiviral and antibacterial, works best during initial stages of infection. This herb treats respiratory infection, sore throat, coughs, colds, flu and digestive upset. It is also is fitting for fever associated with measles and is antispasmodic.

Pau D’Arco: Fights bacteria, fungi, viruses including herpes, candida and HIV. This herb is used for nose and throat infections, intestinal dysiosis, cystitis, prostatitis. This herb is an immune stimulant, blood purifier and pain reliever.

Tea Tree Oil: External use for bacteria, virus and fungi, even drug resistant germs. This herb is effective in acne, candida, ringworm, bites athlete’s foot, shingles, nail infection, wounds, bronchitis, colds, sinusitis. Use as a wash or vaporizer.

Herbs have been used safely for thousands of years to treat infections of every kind, be they viral , bacterial or fungal. There are enough of these to write several books, but these are the most powerful and often used infection-fighters. In addition, detoxifying and immune building herbs are needed to increase resistance and eliminate underlying tendencies to infect.

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